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  • Where and how are services provided?

    All Services Provided Online
    100% Telebehavioral Health Care Practice
    Virtual Counseling Services via Face to Face Video

  • What ages of individuals are accepted as clients?

    Adults 18 + 

  • Will your services fulfill my court requirements?

    Please check with your lawyer(s) or/and your judge or/and your probation officer or/and your parole officer to determine exactly what your legal requirements are. Please carefully review your court orders to understand what your requirements are.

    North Carolina's Judicial System has been impacted by COVID-19. (

  • What times are group appointments at?

    Group appointments take place at times that are most likely to suit many people.

  • What times are individual appointments at?

    Individual appointments are customized to the individual attending the appointment.

  • Are children accepted as clients?

    No, never. Serving adults 18 + 

  • What is Therapy?

    Therapy is intended to help people achieve their goals and function at a higher level in their lives. The length of time needed to complete therapy varies depending upon the person's individual goal(s), level of motivation and other factors.

  • Is medication prescribed?


  • Do you offer marital or family counseling?

    No. However, on a case by case basis a spouse, friends and/or family members may be involved in a person's counseling session to help facilitate their treatment plan.

  • What services are offered?

    * Behavioral Health Assessments
    * Individual Counseling
    * Education and Public Speaking on Behavioral Health Related Topics.

  • What should I send prior to my first appointment?

    Any documents and information that will help explain why you are seeking an assessment and seeking services from Carolina Addiction and Anger Management PLLC. You can fax or email. Please call (919)-999-3925 prior to doing this. Thank you.
    Examples: * Information that you believe is relevant (i.e. medical records, contact information for other health care providers or/and lawyers involved in your life (their business cards)).
    If you are court mandated: * Court orders* Any documents that you feel are relevant from your criminal defense lawyer.* The name of your criminal defense lawyer.

  • Are DUI/DWI assessments and classes that fulfill DUI/DWI requirements offered?

    No. These services are offered by a select number of facilities in North Carolina due to the high level of governmental North Carolina state regulations involved. Please contact the person(s) that are mandating this for an official list of authorized service providers.

  • Can I call about services for my neighbor, friend, family member, n'law, etc?

    No. Due to privacy concerns, phone calls or other communication will NOT be responded to if the inquiry is regarding someone other than the person that is initiating the phone call or other communication. If you are concerned about your friend, neighbor, spouse, significant other, family member, n' law, etc., then please have the person inquire directly about services. Only person(s) that are motivated and willing to receive services will be possibly considered appropriate for services. People that do NOT want to participate/are NOT willing or motivated to participate in services are NOT going to be considered appropriate for services. Thank you.

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" Vanessa Lech is a dedicated mental health specialist. She's dedicated to helping her clients achieve success and she's also dedicated to helping therapists achieve success by avoiding burnout — no small task indeed! Vanessa helps people live up to their full potential. I highly recommend Vanessa for her expertise and commitment to helping others. "

Jason A Polk, LCSW, LAC


" Vanessa is dedicated and committed to helping others and freely shares her knowledge and expertise with others. Very generous with her time and support."

Nafisa Sekandari, Psy.D.


" Vanessa is knowledgeable and professional. She holds an extensive background understanding of how to support individuals in addressing challenges, building creative solutions, and implementing clear avenues of action. "

Juan Santos M.S., CRC, LPC